Saturday, March 19, 2011

'C'est la vie'

Yesterday while I was setting up the Car Antenna Cozy I drove past the Chapters Bookstore. 
It is my unfortunate responsibility to notify anyone who cares... that it has been taken down. 
While the yarn will decay, its spirit lingers on. 
It had a long, enduring experience this chilly winter season. It is only natural that since the blistery season is coming to an end so would the, now tattered, cozy. 
I guess all good things must come to an end, and now with a cleared canvas I am debating on what "Spring" inspired yarn-bomb I will unleash on that same fateful light-post. 

I guess this could also open up an opportunity for another tip. 
Always document and take pictures. You never know how long it will last. 
(I think I will start to bring my actual camera with me. The quality of a camera phone isn't exactly pristine.)


  1. I always get so sad when one is removed. I do like to see them wearing away...after all our blistering hot summer sun in Melbourne, and then the rain and hail.... but to be removed.grrrrrrrr. My 11 yr old grandaughter made a lovely seat arm rest cover, and it was gone in 24hrs. poor dear she put so much effort into it too.

  2. your newest follower via gfc. i think I may have to try this yarn bomb thing!