Tuesday, March 15, 2011

House Arrest

It looks like it'll be a couple weeks before I can get out to do any more yarn-bombs.
I am technically on House Arrest, until my husband is home. Well, not really...but I am in the sense that I can not take my toddler on my excursions.

Steve, my husband, had to temporarily transfer to another city a couple hours away for work. This leaves me to run the house and tend to our kiddlet for the next two weeks.
I am trying to be optimistic, but am preparing for the worst.
I say this because, for those who don't have children, terrible two's are no joke. It makes me anxious to think that everything for the next two weeks falls back on my shoulders. In fact, with having a better understanding on the stresses involved being a single parent; I have found a new respect for those who do everything without help.
Being a Stay-At-Home-Mom, I usually tackle the everyday things with Jack, as well as the mundane cleaning tasks. Usually, when I am having a tough day I could simply wait for Steve to be home from work, and take a break. With him gone that means the only breaks I have from Jack inner tantrum turmoil will be when he's sleeping.

Today,"sigh", has been a particularly tough day. For this reason, I decided I needed to do something other than the repetitive task of putting Jack in time-outs. Something that will calm me down, as I can feel the stress mounting. So I decided to blog.
With these next two weeks, I hope to get out at least once to set up the yarn bomb that I am near finished, but it seems unlikely. I have a couple that will require a ladder to set up, and possibly a more inconspicuous 'night setting'. Another hindrance would be the fact that I have no one who would watch Jack for an hour or two so I can have my fun. Bummer!

This is a picture of my next potential yarn bomb! I have a couple of  long loom knitted swatches that I am going to attach to a tree. They are loose enough to expand with a larger tree, and with luck, it will catch on the bark if it fits loose on the branch...
I didn't have a particular tree in mind so I am kinda working blind. 


  1. oh Danielle, I hope the weeks fly by with no real problems for you. Going it alone is not easy, I do remember ! .. I don't even have toddler grand kids now, but I know what it was like when my son was a stay-at-home Dad to his little miss, (now 11).. I'd often pop in just to take her out for 1/2hr to give him a break.-- I'm intrigued by your loom knitting.. may give that a go I think I have one in the Store Room!!

  2. Thanks!
    I hope these weeks fly by to, but they already are seeming to drag. Those Terrible twos, I tell ya.

    Your son is a lucky Dad to have that emotional support, and family involvement.
    Its a shame that my parents have little motivation to be in Jacks life.
    'C'est la vie'.

    Loom knitting is something that I am just starting to dabble in. I usually crochet, but like the knitted look more.
    I just hate having to back-knit if I drop a stitch. I find it confusing. With crochet all I need to pull and unravel.
    I guess practice makes perfect. :)
    Thanks for commenting!