Thursday, January 19, 2012

"Hi" *waves* "Its me"

Hello Internet users,
After the last emotional blow I encountered I took a little break from yarn-bombing... or actually, any craft. But, I am happy to say that I am still alive and kicking, and am slowly getting back into the swing of my nightly escapades.

Pss.. when I say slowly, I mean I don't even have anything on my table to set up!
In my defence, my life has been really hectic.
After the miscarriage, my hunk of a husband and I, started to do a little research about some behavioural problems we've noticed in our eccentric three year old. It was another emotional blow when the diagnosis "Autism" popped into my google finder, and realized he had many symptoms.
As a result of extensive research, we're now in the process of getting him diagnosed after all the other possible tests have been exhausted (Speech pathology, Occupational therapist, ENT, ect.)
After many months of acceptance, and struggling with explosive tantrums, we're finally on the right track.

Any ways, shortly after that discovery, the ever looming Canadian winter approached encasing us in a dome of Arctic air mass! For those who remember, I vowed an oath to my fingers that I would never again subject them to the blistering Canadian winters again.

Which now leaves us here. Today.
As Internet as my witness, and New Years resolution as motivation, I will try my hardest to get back to yarnbombing!
And with that vow close-ish to my heart: I will leave you with some little yarn diddles I've done recently to ease back into routine.

They are monster pop cosies!! 
I made them for my cousins kids for Christmas because I am a cheapo! 
Comon'! They are pretty cool though!

p.s) I believe you can purchase ones like these on Etsy. I am unsure of the seller, but I would like to make it clear that I am not this unique in person. A friend posted it to my facebook and it was easy enough to make my own.