Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bomb Voyage!

I am very happy to update that my very first, very time consuming, yarn bomb is officially a success.
I couldn't stop myself from driving by the Chapters bookstore to see if my 4ft yarn creation is still mounted on the lamp post.

One rule of thumb for yarn bombing would be to never invest an unnecessary amount of time in a project.
It must be considered that there is a gamble to be made for projects that become personal.
In my case, after all the time and energy that was put into my craft, it would be greatly disappointing to realize that it was taken down in a short time.

I was very ecstatic to realize that my gamble payed off!
It has been two weeks since I had stood outside in the blistering cold to sew my humongous creation to the light. When I say blistering cold, I mean it. The weather was a chilly -38 degrees Celsius the day I recklessly decided would be the appropriate day to pursue my creative itch.
This reminds me of another tip for any interest crafters wishing to pursue yarn bombing; always bring gloves!

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