Friday, March 11, 2011

"One needle and thread, Stat!"

Today I experienced my first surgical procedure on one of my projects.
My "Chapters Bookstore" Yarn bomb is still a monument of my success. It has been up for roughly three weeks. I stay at home with my son, so whenever I get a chance to see daylight I have made it a habit of driving by to check on the status of my largest yarn-bomb to date. Unfortunately, the second largest was annihilated by the Mall security.

Back on subject!!
I was driving out to get some last minute groceries, and by groceries I mean pre-made food from the M&M Meats across the parking lot from my master-piece. Since I was in the area I thought it wouldn't hurt to take a closer look.
To my extreme surprise, and frustration, someone had tried to take down the Yarn-Bomb...very unsuccessfully too, I may add. They had started to cut at the bottom and cut about a foot up, and then for some reason thought to stop, and start cutting again smack in the middle.
Luckily for me, I always come equipped with a sewing needle, a small pair of scissors, and spare yarn.

With quick thinking on my part, I swerved into the Handicap parking, jumped out of my still running car, with the yarn and needle already clutched in my hands. It didn't take long to repair the damage, but it came at a bad time being so shortly after my unsuccessful attempt to Bomb the Mall.

I was starting to feel all sorry for myself, when an elderly man approached me and told me that he though it was fantastic, and told me that him and his friends talk about it all the time, apparently.
They think it is funny to consider that the winters are so bad in Canada that even the light-posts need a cozy.

It sparked a new kind of enthusiasm in me.
Just because some people don't appreciate the 'fun' in a crocheted/knitted installment, doesn't mean that applies to everyone.

Tip for today: Always be equipped with extra yarn, a needle, and scissors in case your medical expertise is necessary.

(Throughout the frantic event, I had forgotten to take 'before and after' pictures. )

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