Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Digestive System (Not a yarn-bomb, but still equally cool!)

For those who already know, I am homebound for the next two weeks. 
Because I am stuck at home, I thought I would post some photos of some of my other yarn-creation milestones. 

I give you all... "The Digestive System''.

Before I show you probably the coolest knitted creation ever, I must solemnly say that I am not responsible for the idea, or the pattern. This idea was discovered on the the website 
In fact, I am sure if you google "Knitted Digestive system" you'll find the link for the pattern. 

...and now...the reveal. 

The start of the Anus, Rectum, and Large Intestine.

The tongue with the esophageal opening.

The finished project.
The End. 

Yes, I hung this in my Kitchen. 

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  1. Why?

    mmm interesting but not in MY Kitchen, thank you! LOL love to see that in a public place for people to comment, Doc. waiting room springs to mind!