Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Single Stitch

From what I've read on Yarn Bombing it is essential for a crafter to have some sort of alias.
No one I know is interested in taking up this exciting hobby with me thus I have decided that I will be known as Single Stitch. Single as in alone in my endeavors.
It is unfortunate that no one I know is awesome enough to come with me on this journey.
Luckily, working alone isn't something I am horrible heart broken over. No one I know has the coolness capacity to sustain the amount of awesome it would take to be a true 'Yarn Bomber'.

Along with having an Alias comes with tagging your work. I am unfortunately on a fixed budget, so I have pathetically attempted to create my own little labels to be hung with my little yarn creations. For the sake of being new at this, I am not overly concerned with how the tags look. 

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