Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mothers can be arrested too

So yesterday I was talking with my older sister.
For those who do not know my family tree I have two sisters, an older and younger.
At one point in my life, I was really close with my older sister. When our parents marriage failed under sketchy, and rocky circumstances we relied on each other for support. This is when we really started to bond.
My sister and I both attended College for Design. She was a couple years ahead of me and chose Web Design, and when it was my turn, I eventually chose Illustration. We lived together for the first year of my college life.

It was the second year when I met husband. It was shortly into our relationship when I unexpectedly got pregnant with my little boy. It was something that seemingly threw a wrench into my relationship with my sister. It is difficult to talk to her now because of the directionality of being a parent took me, and the fact that I sacrificed my school to be a mother. We can not relate to each other any more because our lives are polar opposites.

I have been excited to talk to her about this new craft form because I figure if anyone I know would appreciate it, my artsy sister would.
I was rambling on about my Mall Bomb, and the surgical proceedings that followed at the Bookstore.
I was under the impression that my new craft had given me something else to talk about besides my adventures with Jack. Whenever I try to talk about my life with a child the subject is very dismissive. She just doesn't understand.

Anyways, when I was talking with her about my disappointments with the events of last few days she seemed to scoff a bit, and then proceeded to tell me that I need to be more careful when I do my drops.
She thinks mothers generally shouldn't get arrested for "knit graffiti".
I am not sure at that point if she were embarrassed by my enthusiasm for the craft. Apparently, being a mother I should be a little more mature, or something.

Being "Single Stitch", I am not in any hurry to voyage out in the dark of night alone to knit around random objects. I decided to compromise for todays Yarn-bomb.
I had scraps of a sleeve that I finished off, and had it ready for the drop. It was a circular knit so all I had to do was find something to slip it over, take a picture, and hit the road.
Unfortunately for my sister, that is as cautious as I am planning on getting.

Sorry for the crappy photos. 
For stealth reasons I dont want to be carrying my huge Nikon D40  around.
 I think my dinky camera phone helps get the point across. 

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  1. Hi, I´m enjoying your blog from mexico, I´m an avid crocheter (learned on line an I hope to learn knitting soon)
    I usually don´t leave coments but this time I will say something, being a mother is not being mature, you can be 14 and be a mother It will not make you older or more "adult" Being a mother means that you have a kid(s) and that you do the best you can for them and for you, this is just my opinion, when my son was born 15 years ago everybody was on the idea that I had to stop dying my hair green, getting tattos, and be a "mother", Well you can be a mother and have pink hair, tatttos, do graffitti, yarn bombing or whatever you like, just keep on going, youll never going to win the popularity contest, and someone will always be behind of you to say "I told you so" but if you do not go and follow your things, they will be happy, not you, and you want to be happy, so, keep knitting keep doing your bombing and believe me your kids will say that you are the coolest mom in town (my kids and their friends say so about me) and it is because you are true to yourself
    live long and prosper
    and may the force be with you
    single stitch I loved the name