Saturday, April 2, 2011

Yes, I'm still Alive

Hello Everyone,
This is just a short message to convey that I am still alive. 
It has been a busy couple weeks, and these next two months are going to be insane.
I have three weddings to attend. One of these three wedding, I have foolishly agree'd to help (and by help I mean just me) crochet these little skulls for party favors. 

So apparently I am suppose to make about 60 of these little particular, annoying, time consuming skulls. Being the productive human being that I am, I have completed...two. *sigh*
So needless to say, (although I would rather be yarn bombing), I have prior "family" obligations in which my needles will be occupied. 
It is starting to be a pain in the ass to even think about it. 
For some reason I always put myself in these situations where I am eager to help and assign my name to these 'crafty' tasks, and then realize that my own endeavors will now go unfinished, not to mention the loss of any free time I have, come the end of the day. 

It also is a small reminder for people to remember that parents with small children run on a different time zone. I'd like to call it "toddler time". "Toddler time" means that the smallest tasks that would take a normal person an hour to accomplish, will take a person running on "Toddler time" at least double that time. Quite inconvenient, indeed!

I guess an upside of this whole ordeal is that I got this pattern for free! I am thinking it would be a neat Yarn-Bomb to drop around the city around Halloween (my all time favorite holiday)!

P.S) My cousin purchased this pattern on, and was created by "Beth Todd".


  1. mmm that's a pretty wierd little bit of crochet there, fancy someone actually writting a pattern for it!!
    Dont work too hard on them and forget to grab some 'me'time too.

  2. Thanks
    My cousin thinks it would be neat to have them on the tables. Her wedding theme is skulls and tattoos and the likes..
    She is basically a biker chick.