Friday, May 6, 2011

Wedding Bells

I am done!! I am done, done, done!
Yesterday I had spent the entire day crocheting skulls for my cousins wedding (which is tomorrow), and I sneakily finished just before the deadline. 
I wasn't even going to worry about it, but then at the last minute my conscience got the best of me, and then spent the day scrambling to finish the rest in one day. Now, I'd like to think I am a pretty average/advanced crocheter, so I was disappointed that it took me roughly an hour to make one (and I made 15 total).
I think it was because of the little hook that would annoyingly snag on the yarn ...and of course we cannot forget 'Toddler Time'.

I had a sudden change of heart because everything for her wedding had not really gone to plan. Everything had arrived late, her bridesmaid had to drop out of the wedding the week prior, and so I figured I could be one person who pulled through for her.

She was very happy to see them so I think it is safe to say she was satisfied with the turn-out.
I had gone out to the venue today to help set-up for the reception which gave me an opportunity to snap some photos of the finished project in their "natural habitat". I also was enlisted to do a little last minute Illustration as well for the wedding that was unexpected (but still fun).

The Skulls waiting to be set out.

The tables being set up.

...and the Illustration. 

The theme for the wedding is a Skull/Tattoo/Punk. They are really hardcore people, and to show how hardcore they are they've decided to not purchase rings, but to get them TATTOO'D during the wedding! WHAT?!

Needless to say this will be one of the most interesting wedding I will probably attend in my entire life... and being as the Ceremony itself will probably take a little longer than usual (and the fact that Jack can't sit still for longer than 3 minutes); Steve will be staying home for that portion of the wedding to watch the tyke. 

I think this decision also makes Jack happy! Look at how happy he is!!

Edit to add: So, because Jack woke up tonight screaming (apparent nightmare); I thought I'd add some pictures of the wedding... particularly when they were getting the tattoos. 

... The tattoo artists getting their stuff prepared... 

... The bride and groom getting their "tatties". 

It was actually pretty neat to see. Definitely not a traditional wedding, but it was a nice change! 


  1. oh Danielle you are so lovely to have finished them. I did start to wonder about Skulls and Weddings going together. .. to each his own I guess! I'm sure you'll have fun and different is good if it is what they both want. Enjoy the quiet time .. Jack looks very cheeky.♥

  2. i am dead. Crochet and weddings my two favorite things. It sounds like her wedding should be on off beat bride!

  3. I love those little skulls... and wow, talk about a unique wedding. ;) It looks like fun.