Monday, May 2, 2011

Don't worry! I haven't forgotten about you.

So, let me start off by saying that this last month has been insane! 
Between bridal showers, stagettes, actual wedding, toddler tantrums and the works; It has been nearly impossible to come online and catch up. 
Because lets face it, by the end of the day I need any energy left to wipe off all the food and boogers... *ugh* and feces, because 'yes' we are now potty training! 

So actually I have not done any knitting or crocheting for a while and my poor cold needles are starting to collect dust. 
Even the progress I had made with those annoying skulls was short lived. I had spend two whole evenings trying to motivate myself to just 'doing it' and in the end I now have a total of 7 skulls to show for it...and the wedding is this pending weekend. 
I am hoping to crank out at least 8 more before the end of the week so there will be at least 15 for the head table, but I am not hopeful. It is a good thing I rarely talk to this cousin. 
Actually, I don't feel all to guilty about my non-progress with this project. I initially expected help, and requested it when 'life' (Jacks grimy little toddler fists) grabbed me by the hair and pulled me in the opposite direction. 
I have in fact mentioned that help would be required if she wanted to be super finicky about it. 
So: no help= no stress. 

It is disappointing that I was away for all this time, and I have no photos of yarn bombing to show any progress with my own little endeavors.  

I do have a couple projects that I need to hang, although I find that the hardest part about yarn bombing. For some reason I tend to clam up before voyaging out. Although,  once it is done I get a huge rush of euphoria and adrenaline. 

I would like to take this time, however, to mention that the phone bomb that I set up over a couple months ago (at least) is still up!! WHAT?! I know, eh! It was insane. I was just walking around and I kinda forgot about it and then I noticed it was still there. I guess it kinda jolted me back to 'getting-things-accomplished-mode'. 

Anyways! I will bid you Adiu. 

As a parting gift to hold anyone over while I am incapacitated with children and skulls 
... I show you this ...

Partial reason for my absence...

..and where the magic happens...

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