Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Spring time is the best time.

To celebrate the beautiful weather here in Alberta, my husband (Steve) and I decided to take Jack out for an off the leash stroll at the park.
As we were loading up to leave I thought I would take that opportunity to set up the Bumblebee bomb. 
It was a beautifully though out plan, yet it ended up as a frantic, rushed mess. 

We decided to go to the local park, and I had grabbed my step ladder and started to set up shop while my husband watched after our son. In the midst of choosing a suitable tree, and getting everything strung up; I looked up and noticed that my family was no where to be seen. 
It was not shortly after that I heard a high pitch scream from the distance. 
It seems as though my husband and son went for a little walk around the park, and ended up by the main road. Jacks new interest are cars, and he wanted to see them zip past ...and then wanted to run out on the street. Of course Steve was there to stop him, but as Jack is only 2.5 he has a little trouble holding his disappointment.

Then the pressure was on!! 
The car was on the other side of the park, and my family was across the field. 
My husband was struggling to contain our tantruming child while Jack flailed and went limp like a softened spaghetti noodle. 
I rushed to get tie off the loose ends, snapped some quick photos, and then rushed to the car with my camera, and stepladder in hand. 

My husband was trying his best to drag our tired, tear soaked child back in the direction of our car and didn't notice that I was already locked and loaded, and was heading in his direction. 
He seemed relieved to see me (and especially the car). 

We drove home in silence...
I think Yarn bombing will be best to do alone. 

I am a bit disappointed. I was hoping to have a couple more bumblebees to hang, but I lost interest in the project. 
Eh! Good enough. 


  1. good enough?? it is brilliant! well done. sorry about the kiddie problems, but your yarn bombing can be counted as 100% success, not the same can be said of hubby's Terrible Twos handling!♥

  2. soooo cute and I love that there is a whole story of how it happened