Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Yarn bombing road block

I had started this month with a solid "E" for effort in my blogging and yarn-bombing attempts.
Then for some reason I had slowly started to loose my steam as the days progressed.
I was disappointed in myself, and found I had no energy to enthusiastically continue to crochet.

My husband and I have been trying to have a second child for about two years now. With every passing month and with many negative tests our excitement slowly dwindled down to nearly nothing, with no real expectations as the month mark turned to multiple months, to a year.

But for some reason this month was different.

It wasn't until I had passed my usual menstrual time of the month that I realized that once again I needed to purchase yet another pregnancy test... and with every inch of sanity I had left; I took the test.

To my delight and pleasure I was surprised when that little fateful stick turned positive!

And with that I have run into a road block!
Obviously, while I am waiting for the arrival of this little bean to come I will continue and try my best to keep up with yarn bombing!  
I still have a couple to hang so hopefully that will fill in some time and I have many months ahead where I will have nothing to do but wait. 


  1. oh Danielle I wish you every happiness with your pregnancy.. how wonderful. Dont worry about the yarn bombing, I'm a bit like that, have a lot up and then nothing for months, then I go out and do some more. I'll be at Fed.Square in Melb. this weekend adding some pieces to that great JUNE installation...hoorah!
    keep us up to date on your progress, and what you knit or crochet for the bub♥